Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Globapreneurs, FAMMOUSS® Foundations Program and Advisory services.


Q: What is the application fee to apply to FAMMOUSS® Foundations or affiliate programs?

A: Applications to both FAMMOUSS® Foundations or its affiliate programs are completely free.

Q: Why should we go through an application process if I am willing to pay the tution & fees?

A: While we are greatly appreciative of your interest, unfortunately, we have to seek the most suitable candidates for this transformative bootcamp amongst a highly impressive pool of candidates. We pride ourselves in the rigor, discipline and streetsmarts imparted during the program and it is imperative that we assess candidates' fitness and ability to leverage the greatest learning from this program.

Most importantly, the application process allows us to understand your business aspirations in the short and long run, your unique background, and to the extent possible, tailor our business cases and other material to benefit you the most. Finally, we look to create a lifelong relationship with you as an alumnus and ensure that we can provide you the best frameworks for business success following the program's completion as part of our promise to you!


Q: In how many Indian cities is the FAMMOUSS® Foundations Program currently available?

A: The FAMMOUSS® Foundations program is currently being launched in India in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru, with additional launches planned for New Delhi and Lucknow. However, limited webinar options (at discount) are available for remote students interested in attending the program.

Additional Indian and other global venues are currently in the works; stay tuned and connect with us on our roadshows for our upcoming launches and your city might be on the list!


Q: Is FAMMOUSS® Foundations Program available online? If so, what are the costs involved?

A: While we might grant admissions for participants wanting to attend the program via webinar, we strongly believe that the traditional classroom model is the best channel for the type of faculty-student or student-student interactions required for foundational aspects of business or entrepreneurial education.

To that effect, even lectures from New York shall be delivered live via webinar. In addition to the classroom model, several online courses and Electives are available via Columbia Business Schoolfollowing the completion of the FAMMOUSS® Foundations program or other top business schools. Given the program style and 'flavor', post-program Electives or courses from Columbia Business School are likely to provide the most natural continuation to your learning and curriculum.

Q: Who is the primary instructor for the FAMMOUSS® Foundations Program? What is the typical class size for the FAMMOUSS® Foundations Program?

A: The FAMMOUSS® Foundations program was developed by Columbia Business School alumnus, Roger Phillips, who will lead the program instruction. Several impressive guest speakers and Ivy league faculty will co-teach the program as they share their personal and professional insights into entrepreneurship and business leadership.

As would be expected from any effective entrepreneurship or business leadership program, class size is typically limited to approximately 50 participants. This ensures optimal delivery, class participation and personal attention.

Q: Do you invite guest speakers or faculty to the program?

A: Yes! As noted above, one of the highlights of the FAMMOUSS® Foundations program is the quality of speakers and faculty we provide. We invite professionals from the investment community (Angels/Corporates/Private Equity & Venture Capital) as well as entrepreneurs and top business school faculty to teach areas of expertise.

We welcome and encourage subject matter experts to contact us if you are interested in imparting your knowledge or experience with our participants.


Q: How do you notify Admissions Decisions? Do you publish them on your website?

A: We do not openly publish any admissions decision on our website. However, all changes to application status are notified via email, including changes to status such as WaitList candidates becoming Accepted candidates. Please log into the website to check the outcome of your application upon such notification.

Q: Are the fees refundable if I cannot attend the program?

A: Admission to the program is via an application process and we are only able to offer only a limited number of admissions. Therefore, we consider all registrations to be final; refunds are granted only in rare and exceptional circumstances. Registered students are, however, allowed to apply for a deferral of their attendance to a later program (within six months) subject to availability of the program.

Q: What methods of payment are acceptable?

A: We strongly prefer the payments to be made online, via the link provided in the Offer of Admission provided to Admitted Students. In an unusual circumstance where there are issues with online payment, we may accept payments by check (please note that PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL CHECK PAYMENTS HAVE BEEN POSTED in these cases). Please notify us immediately if you are having issues with an online payment.

Q: How do tuition/ fee payments work in the event of corporate or other sponsorships?

A: The process for online payment and registration is not affected by sponsorships. Please contact us if your Sponsor has a strong preference for check payments or another payment process (viz. ACH, wire transfer, etc.)

Q: Is there a dress code for the in-classroom program attendance?

A: While we do not mandate a dress code, most attendees prefer business casual or semi-formal wear.

Q: Is participation in the Globapreneurs' Business Case competition mandatory?

A: No. However, we strongly urge participants to take advantage of the Business Case competition to get a feel for real-world showcasing of their entrepeneurial ideas. In addition, the panel or jury is likely to consist of profiessionals in the investment community including PE/VC or Angels who might be keen to pursue the most exciting entrepreneurial ideas.

As an award, the Winning Team will be refunded their entire tuition or fees in addition to earning bragging rights! Depending upon their performance, the Runners-Up Team may also be awarded a refund of up to 50% of tuition of fees.


Q: How involved is Globapreneurs in fundraising or financing for entrepreneurs?

A: Globapreneurs Advisory takes an active interest in supporting fledgeling businesses and in providing mentorship or other support as necessary. Depending upon the specifics of a venture, and upon its discretion, Globapreneurs will actively engage in marketing, fundraising or investor roadshows to assist with the venture. These fundraising efforts may target both domestic and international funds including Foreign Direct Investment from Angels or PE/VC funds. We also provide an excellent platform for showcasing excellent business ideas or business plans to investment professionals (V-Network) in our Case Competition on Final Day.

Globapreneurs does not provide any assurance that any particular financing or fundraising will be successful, as the financing rounds may depend on various factors beyond Globapreneurs' control.