India-Women in Entrepreneurship & Business (I-WEB)

A community of resources and networks

Globapreneurs brings grassroots assistance for women entrepreneurs through its "I-WEB" Program. Women alumni of FAMMOUSS® Foundations Program receive automatic lifetime membership and benefits.

The India-Women in Entrepreneurship (I-WEB) Program promotes and fosters women entrepreneurship in India and to assist them in achieving their personal and professional aspirations through education, programming, mentoring, coaching, and advising. It aims to promote open dialog and address questions pertinent to women in business by offering critical resources and support system through their careers and ventures.

Globapreneurs I-WEB initiative is currently in discussions with various corporate sponsors and Indian government bodies at the national and state level to achieve its stated objectives. Stay tuned for upcoming dates for 2017 I-WEB roadshow in your city.

Please direct all questions or inquiries regarding partnerships, resources or upcoming events (information sessions, roadshows, etc.) to