Ivy League education. At your door step. At a price, you can't afford to refuse!

Is your answer YES to any of the questions below?

  • Are you a “Wantrapreneur”... that is, are you ready to become an entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes to build a sustainable business? Would you like to know if you are even ready? OR,
  • Have you held off your Business Education due to time and resource commitments, not to mention the "Opportunity Cost"? OR,
  • Do you find that you cannot afford to take even a month off your current job or business to invest in yourself? And that even the lowest-priced quality MBA program is too expensive? OR,
  • Do you find yourself questioning the actual value from even a traditional Management Development Program? OR,
  • Have you desired a mentor or partner to assist you maximize your business potential? OR,
  • Do you desire to sit in an exclusive Ivy League style classroom, where you learn tremendously not only from faculty, but also from your cohorts? OR,
  • Do you desire to be part of the serial entrepreneur or investment community?

If you answered yes, WE AGREE!

If time and resources have held you back from taking a step in the right direction of business leadership or from that ever elusive sustainable entrepreneurship, we have the perfect answer for you!

Businesses come in all flavors: Large and Small - Traditional and Disruptive; Private and Public - Manufacturing and Services... and the list goes on! And from doctors to lawyers, from engineers to shopkeepers, the 21st century belongs to those who dare to dream to build a sustainable, successful business.

But when it comes to business, having an 'edge' matters. Arguably, the biggest edge a business can have is its founder(s)! YOU! Investing in yourself is therefore, imperative... it can make the difference between winning and losing in a competitive landscape. "When you don’t know what you don’t know, it may hurt you"... not knowing the true value of building one's solid business foundation can, and probably would, hurt you since competitive forces lurk around practically every corner... and while you cannot predict what's around the corner, you can certainly prepare!

We provide the highest level of foundational knowledge in our program, with personal attention and care towards your goals and aspirations. The program is taught by top global MBA alumni and faculty, including LIVE faculty lectures from New York. As part of the program, we also offer partner programs for Leadership Development, counseling for continued learning and a menu of options for advanced topics.

In other words, we invest in YOU! For your long-term success... see you in the classroom!