Corporate Outreach & Sponsorship

Globapreneurs is currently in discussions with various corporates, investment professionals, government entities (Central & State governments, Chambers of Commerce, etc.) to support the national entrepreneurship initiatives and scholarships.

On a limited and selective basis, we are happy to support aspiring entrepreneurs' or otherwise highly qualified applications with their outreach efforts to organizations, corporations or banks, etc. in support of their FAMMOUSS® Foundations training (corporate or otherwise). Please contact after receiving your Offer of Admission letter if you are requesting such a Globapreneurs Letter of Support. Please note, however, that requesting this Letter of Support will change your program status from Admitted to Waitlisted until such time as sponsorship is confirmed.

We also provide discounted pricing for 5+ multi-candidate enrollments on all sponsorships. As an added incentive, Globapreneurs awards 100% Tuition Refund to all members of the Winning Team in the Case Competition of the program.

Supporting your local entrepreneur for their foundational knowledge and training is perhaps the best investment one can make! Please contact us for any additional information you may require.